Monday, February 8, 2010

Make it Cheap Monday - Guest Post!

 I'm excited to have the first guest post on here! I asked Briana to share with you all some basics for saving money on your grocery bill.

The easiest way for me to control my monthly budget is to control my grocery spending. While we can't control all of our expenses, we can easily slash our grocery bill by strategically shopping.

Using coupons effectively is the key to savings. Don't just use your coupons randomly or because you have the coupon. Pair the coupon with a store sale to maximize your savings.

Here's a few tips to get started:

    ⁃    Sign up for the loyalty cards at your favorite stores. Not only will you receive discounts each time you shop, some stores mail out coupons to their customers.
    ⁃    Link your store cards to your account. Be sure to activate the eCoupons each month to save even more. Every little bit of savings helps!
    ⁃    Plan your weekly meals around what you have in your pantry and the week's sale ads.
    ⁃    Find blogs/websites that do the hard work of matching up the coupons to the sales for you. You can find blogs in your state at The Frugal Map ( This is a great tool since store sales prices can vary by state/region.
    ⁃    Make a  list and stick to it. Stockpile those items which are at rock bottom price.
    ⁃    Know your store's coupon policies and price matching policies. It is also nice to have the official policy in your hand in case an issue arises.

You can find more in depth information about all of these topics in my 15 Days of Couponing Series. (

Briana Carter shares daily bargains and frugal living tips at and She lives in Indiana with her husband and 4 children.


  1. I need to check into this. I always go so bogged down by coupons that I give up. Perhaps I just need to learn how to do it effectively!

  2. Reagan - sites like makes using coupons creazy easy. Each week Danielle highlights the best sales for stores and writes down exactly which coupon to use. Quite a few end up being ones you can print online so you don't even have to hassle with the newspaper.

    There are tons of other great sites doing coupon matchups as well (check out - I just gave you the one above because she includes King Soopers.


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