Saturday, February 27, 2010

Menu Plan

It is no secret that I’m not the world’s most organized person but there is one area of my life that I love to have organized and planned out – meals for the entire week. If I plan out what we’re going to eat at the start of the week, it makes my life a little easier because I know exactly what I need to grocery shop for instead of wandering through the store buying random items. And it also prevents me from experiencing that 5:00 panic halfway through the week when I attempt to make dinner and discover that everything is either eaten up or frozen solid.

Menu plans, like yoga, bring peace and tranquility into my life. Except, I've never done yoga or even owned yoga pants.

Meal Plan for 2/28-3/6

Breakfasts – Steak & eggs, bagels, fresh fruit, banana bread, oatmeal and cereal.

Lunches – PB&J/sandwiches, leftovers, beef quesadillas, carrots, hummus & pita chips.


Sunday – Pesto Artichoke Pizza and salad

Monday – Caramelized Onion & Fig Hamburgers with snap peas

Tuesday – Honey Glazed Chicken, rice and broccoli

Wednesday – Beef Roast, carrots and mashed potatoes

Thursday – Eggplant and Turkey Sausage Pasta

Friday – Visiting Grandma and Papa Lenhart!

Saturday – Visiting Grandma and Papa Lenhart!

Add your week's menu plan below!
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  1. I'm trying to get better about menu planning, but it's been a slow-start. Part of the problem is that we eat very few dinners- the same 3 or 4 rotated constantly. And yes, it's very boring. But that's what happens when you are afraid to try new things, especially to risk spending money on food that you might not like. Seeing it written down seems to make it even more obvious how pathetic our dinner menus are.

  2. Celestia:

    What sort of flavors do you like? If I could get an idea of what you normally like to cook, I might be able to offer some tips on how to make other meals with those same flavors and increase the likelihood of you wanting to try that meal.

  3. Menu planning is a must in my home with two children and one on the way. I must have structure! ☺
    I used to plan for the whole month but I am down to planning weekly as I find it has saved us over $100.00 in our grocery budget to shop the weekly sales at various stores.
    I do most of my planning on Sundays as my hubby and I relax on the sofa after church and the kids are napping. I get out the grocery ads and coupons then I match the deals and plan away!

  4. Yeah, I only wish I meal planned... I would save ALOT of money when shopping for groceries. This has been a goal of mine, but I have yet to do it. =P

  5. Annette -

    It's actually much easier than it looks. Try starting out with just planning out your dinners for Monday-Friday and then gradually work your to adding more dinners, lunches and breakfasts.

    You can also look at the sales flyer for your local grocery store online and base your meals around what kind of meat is on sale which not only saves money but also helps you figure out what the heck to cook that week. :)

  6. Thanks for the motivation. I need it! ☺ I have started couponing and checking out grocery flyers, so meal planning would be nice to go along with it.


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