Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu Plan (April 19 - 25)

My parents are coming to town! This is their first visit to the great state of Wyoming so I'm trying to plan some fun stuff for us to do...without having to drive 10 hours to Yellowstone.

Yes. In Wyoming you can drive for 10 hours just to get to one corner of the state. :)

Anyhow. I love having a few extra people over to cook for. It makes me happy.

Menu Plan (April 19 - 25)

Lunches: BLTs, leftovers, hummus, tuna salad and fruit


Monday - Grilled Tilapia, orange cilantro rice, and corn

Tuesday - Breakfast Burritos

Wednesday - Slow cooker beef short ribs, garlic bread and vegetables.

Thursday - Pesto, Chicken and Artichoke Pizza and salad

Friday - Lamb stew and cornbread

Saturday - Fish tacos and grilled vegetables

Sunday - Chicken Egg Rolls and stir fry veggies

Have a beautiful week!

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  1. Tuna salad, eh? Must not be Khale's lunch. ☺

    Sorry, I went all comment crazy on your blog. heh.


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