Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random Kitchen Things

1. As I mentioned on the Frontier Kitchen Facebook page, I'm on a quest, a mission, an adventure. I'm buying new pots and pans after nearly four years of using an inexpensive set from Target. A set which actually worked out great those four years. However, nearly all of the pans in the set have recently started flaking as they're non-stick. So I'm attempting to move away from non-stick pans and embrace pans made out of stainless steal, cast iron, copper, etc.

My Dad, former regional VP for Cracker Barrel and an awesome cook, advised me to not get a set and rather pick out individual pots that fit my cooking needs. So that's what I'm doing. If you have a favorite brand and/or pot, please leave a comment letting me know what that is and I'll add it to my list of pans to check out. I'll also be forever grateful because it took me 30 minutes of staring at the pan selection in Kohls to realize I didn't want any of them.
Later I did purchase this enameled cast iron skillet in hopes that it will replace my non-stick skillets. I'm excited to try it out tonight!

Question: Has anyone ever tried Wolfgang Puck's pans? I noticed some while I was out shopping yesterday (I visited four different stores in my quest for pans) and was tempted to get them but ended up walking out of the store without them. I'm very indecisive sometimes.

2. One thing I'm not indecisive about is garlic. I like it. A whole bunch. So much that I can go through two pounds of it before it even thinks about going bad.

3. I have a dumbbell in my kitchen. What the heck? Well, sometimes there's a dish that needs to be constantly stirred or cream that needs to be whipped. Both things that can take a while. To keep myself entertained and help get keep my arms toned, I've started curling this little buddy while standing there and stirring forever.

It's working out quite nicely. :)


  1. Good tip on the dumbell thing! ha. ☺ I'm hopelessly out of shape right now.

    I have the Wolfgang Puck set. I'm not that impressed with the skillet, but I do use it a ton. (and since I can't really pinpoint what it is that I don't like about it, maybe you should ignore my critique. ☺ The pots have been good for everything that I've used them for.

  2. Annette - I'm happy to hear you like your Wolfgang set. I was thinking about getting the sauce and stock pans so thanks for the reassurance! :)

  3. Xan purchased an enameled cast iron skillet that he says is going with him when he moves out (we'll see), but I digress. I'm sure that you've already found out that even if it says pre-seasoned or ready to use or whatever, it takes cooking in a cast iron pan several times before you actually get the results you are looking for. It has taken at least a month, but I love it. It gets smoking hot even on medium heat, so be careful. I have several iron skillets--one exclusively for cornbread and the others for everything else.

    Lillie and I are such geeks, we love infomercials and Home Shopping when Wolfgang Puck is on. We have wondered about his cookware as well. So if you get it keep us informed.

  4. I don't have any Wolfgang Puck, but I do love my enameled cast iron. All of mine were gifts back when we had double incomes and no kids, as they are pricey. But, we have a Le Creuset outlet nearby, so that helps.

    My favorite piece is a 7 quart bouillibase pot. It seems like overkill, but it's my most go-to piece. You can deep fry in it, make huge quantities of soup/stew and the like, you can slow cook a roast in the oven in it, and it's very versatile. I really, really love it, and if it ever died, I would replace it within the week.

  5. I agree with your dad ;) It's nearly impossible to find a set that encompasses everything you want/need. I have a combination of brands that fill my cooking needs ☺ I have stainless steel stock pots (from Costco) that don't have the brand name on the bottom, but they're great pots. Heavy-duty without being so heavy, I can't lift them when they're full. They have the capability of being used as double-boilers and also have a steamer insert that can be used for veggies or pasta.

    My favorite frying pan that is non-stick is Calphalon. My favorite stainless steel one (Also from Costco, I think) is Tramontina. My regular cooking pots (the 2 qt, 3qt etc.) are Oneida stainless steel ones that I found at Ross Dress for Less, believe it or not, lol.

    We have some cast-iron pots and pans but the only thing we regularly use at home is a griddle. The dutch oven is awesome for camping as is the frying pan and another griddle we have.


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