Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Source of my Recipes

So a few weeks ago I was talking with my brother and he mentioned he had tried a recipe off here recently. Then he asked, "So, where do you get all these recipes from?" That question made me realize that I never really talk about where my recipes come from.

So I thought I should remedy that.

Here's the big secret: I write/create all the recipes on here. Well, actually there are a few recipes here and there that I didn't write, those being the Griddle Cakes, The World's Best Banana Bread, and the Caesar Salad Dressing. The sources from all of those appear near the recipe title at the end of each post.

But other than those few recipes, the rest of it comes from my kitchen. My family and I often drive to Colorado (Denver is way more fun than our little town!) or up to northern Wyoming where my in-laws live and during those long drives I'll end up getting into my "cooking zone." In this "zone" I start thinking about recipes: things I want to try, favorite recipes of mine that I still need to share with y'all, trying a twist on a traditional recipe, etc.

Then I make a list and work off that list. Sometimes the recipes turn out to be just so-so or complete flops so I just rip up the paper and y'all are saved from bland food. Because bland food makes me want to cry and I like y'all too much to do that to you.

Like the other night I make a caramelized onion pizza with a cornmeal crust. Sounds good, right? It was okay. But just okay.

Most of the time I just get in the mood for something and whip it up. While I cook, I keep a little notebook nearby and scribble down the ingredients that I'm using, adding each one as I add it to the bowl or pot.

Like with the Lemon Blueberry Bread recipe I posted yesterday.

In the photo you'll notice I have the baking temperature but not the time. That's because it hadn't quite been been into the oven and I wasn't entirely sure how long it would take. Also, I don't know why I originally wrote "Lemon Banana Bread" down because I never intended to use bananas. Random. :)

Anyhow, thus ends my little story about where my recipes come from. Since I do write 99.75% of the recipes, I love hearing back from y'all after you've tried them because it helps me know if I need to clarify or change anything in the recipe.

Have a blessed week!


  1. I always marvel at people who do this. It's like people who just hear/compose music. I don't get it. My mom can do it. Why can't it be heredity?

    Alas, I guess if everyone could do it you'd be out of a blog ;)

    I'm glad I can at least benefit from your kitchen genius!

  2. I'm glad you have flops, I do from time to time following a recipe!


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