Thursday, July 15, 2010

Talk to Me

There's one food area that I've never been much good at - LUNCH! I have a hard time finding the motivation to come up with new ideas for lunch and so I end up sticking with the old standbys: sandwiches, tacos and leftovers.

I need your help!

My husband has been coming home for lunch almost daily since we moved and I'm thinking I should start putting a little more effort into that meal.

Tell me what your favorite lunch foods are or share your favorite lunch recipes. I'll love you forever.


  1. I like to keep lunch really simple and light. Whether hubby is home or not I don't really want to cook anything when I will be cooking dinner later, so it's just usually sandwiches for us too, or a sloppy joe (already cooked and taken out of the freezer usually) with Lays chips, some grapes, and that's about it. Sorry I'm not very creative. perhaps the 'effort' you want to put in to lunch can be more based on presentation, set the table nice, or pack your lunch in a basket and take it out on the patio? :)

  2. I'm not much help. Cary works too far away to ever eat lunch with us, so it's just me and the kids. We usually have leftovers and sandwiches too. We do have quesadillas for lunch often with chips and salsa. During the summer I like summer type salads and fruit for lunch (potato salad, tuna salad, etc...) and during the winter I like to have soups, stews, chili with grilled cheese.
    Anyway, like I said. I'm not much help. ☺

  3. We're mostly quesadillas here, too. Also chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad (the last one just for me and one of my children; dh and the other child don't know wht they are missing!). Pimento cheese sandwiches are popular, too.

  4. We do a lot of salads, sweet and spicy picnic chicken, and wraps.

  5. I pack my husbands lunch as he works in the nearby City.
    Around here we pretty much eat same as you. Many times I will cook some frozen broccoli or cauliflower and eat it with butter sauce and a piece of leftover chicken or steak. I know it is not earth shattering or anything but.....its what I do. :) The baby usually eats whatever I eat. Be blessed!


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