Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Kitchen Tip: How to Slice a Peach!

Welcome to the fourth installment of Tuesday's Kitchen Tip! Today, we're slicing up some peaches.

Since I can't slice and take photos I asked my husband to help me out. However, most of them turned out like the one above. :)

Still not quite what I had in mind...

Ah, better. Now you can see what I'm doing. :)

Okay, so slice into your peach and cut 1/2" sections all the way around.

Like so.

Now, grab a section.

And just pull it right off.

Repeat all the way around and you'll end up with perfect peach slices without making a mess all over your cutting board!

Btw, I cut about three peaches up this way and then poured a dry yellow cake mix over the top. Before putting it in the oven, I added 1/2 cup butter (cut into 12 slices) across the top. Bake at 350 until golden and you've got a fantastic cobbler...or what some people call a "dump cake." I'm sad I didn't take a photo of it because it was seriously the best "dump cake" I've ever had - and I've made quite a few! Even my darling husband, who generally dislikes peaches, ate every tiny smidge in his bowl.

And then my two brothers-in-law fought over who got to take the leftover dessert home. Which made me happy. :)


  1. The recipe sounds tasty, I just had to laugh at your husbands first picture. I could see my pictures ending up like that too! Silly Men! ;) Oh yeah, I love your blog, I like the recipes you come up with and your jokes are funny. Keep it up, hot mama!

  2. I love that cake recipe! Mmmmm. And this does look easier than how I cut a peach.

  3. @ Sunnie - Haha, yep! Your comment made my morning.

    @ Reagan - Me too...it's sinfully good.

  4. Ha! Thanks! Just this morning I was trying to cut a peach up for my kiddos breakfast and was having the worst time. It was ridiculous! :) Thanks for the "how-to" :)


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