Sunday, August 8, 2010

Menu Plan: August 8 - 14th

Ugh. I really don't feel like making a menu plan this week. But I also know that if I try and wing it, the following can and will happen:

1. I'll run up and down and all around the grocery store and spend wayyy more than I need to.

2. I'll panic at 4:30 every day...especially because we'll be busy most nights this week volunteering.

3. We'll eat too many meals out. And thus ruin my morning exercise efforts.

4. I'll end up making spaghetti for dinner at least two nights in the week. And at least one lunch.

And so, with that knowledge, I made a menu comprised mostly of my favorite foods. :)

Sunday - Grilled Pizza and salad. I'm really going to miss grilling my pizza when it starts snowing!

Monday - Stuffed bell peppers. With Faux Samoa Girl Scout Cookies for dessert - check back on Wednesday for this irresistible dessert you can make all year!

Tuesday - Fresh Market Meal. The Fresh Market is basically a smaller farmer's market that happens every Tuesday here...just a couple minutes from my house! I'll go there in the afternoon and pick up some stuff for dinner. 

Wednesday - Breakfast for Dinner. Eggs, a whole wheat version of these biscuits and fruit.  

Thursday - Peanut Butter Chicken (I've been craving this lately) and udon noodles with steamed broccoli.

Saturday - TBD. I might be in Denver with some friends...


  1. Coming down to Denver huh? Im over in Westminster, I hope you fun while your here! Drive safe! ;)

  2. Ha! That is exactly how I feel without a plan. Planning is o-so good to our family & it looks like to yours too! Have a yummy week!

  3. where did you turn up your recipe for Mediterranean couscous? we love couscous but i'm always stumped as how to make it more interesting.


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