Thursday, August 5, 2010

Talk to Me - Weird Foods

I have a confession - my favorite lunch entree is a peanut butter (the creamy kind!) and jelly sandwich with potato chips between the pb and j. It's soooo good. But weird.

I blame my mother; she lived off those while pregnant with me.

I make it on whole wheat bread to convince myself I'm not just eating junk. :)

What weird food combinations do you just love?


  1. I've yet to meet a meal with peanut butter in it that I didn't like. Peanut butter and pickles, peanut butter and red onion, peanut butter on smores, peanut butter and pretzels, peanut butter and popcorn ... I love it.

  2. I second the peanut butter and pickles! I ate those on crackers all the time in college. I have some foods I love that others don't seem to care for, so that seems to put them in the "weird" combination range, like who doesn't like sauerkraut and hot dogs? I guess not a lot of people. :)

  3. My in-laws eat peanut butter on toast with their spaghetti. It is the grossest thing I've ever seen, but since I am too chicken to try it myself, I have to trust their judgment.

    The weirdest combination I've ever tried was grilled shrimp and caramel ice cream. It was kind of an accident, but delicious.


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