Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Placemat Craft for Kiddos

This is my daughter, Lillian. Back when she was still kinda a baby. And had no hair.

She was one and proudly told everyone she could while waiving her index fingers around to prove it.

It's crazy to think that photo was taken two years ago at this time.

This is her now. She's three. And has hair. Enough to french braid. And after two years of a bald little girl, I take every opportunity I can to french braid her hair.

I thought I would share with you a fun craft my Mom would do with my siblings and I almost every Fall. I remember walking through crunchy fallen leaves when I was pregnant with my daughter and excitedly looking forward to the day when I could do this craft with her. :)

Fall Leaf Placemat Craft
Step 1: Go for a walk with your kiddo(s) and have them collect any pretty fall leaves you find. If you have a tree identification book, be sure and take it with you while you're out walking. If your children are younger, show them the pictures and tell them a few things about the tree their leaves came from such as it's name and identifying features. If they're older, challenge them to see how many trees they can identify without looking at the book.   

Step 2: After you get home, your children can attach the leaves onto construction paper with Elmer's glue. Try and avoid glue sticks as they can cause the leaves to brown.

Step 3: When they're finished, cover the front with a piece of contact paper, letting about an inch of contact paper overhang on all sides. Repeat with the back side of the construction paper. Press the exposed contact paper edges together and trim with scissors. Try and press out as many air bubbles as you can.

And the placemat is finished! :)

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