Thursday, September 9, 2010

For Your Viewing Pleasure!

Lately I've been feeling the need to branch out a little in this dear blog of mine. Maybe it's because I have a decent amount of readers now and don't want you beautiful people to get bored with my weekly "this recipe is awesome" posts. Ideas? Things you would like to see on here?

Btw, I especially appreciate all of y'all who have become Facebook fans of Frontier Kitchen. Y'all are awesome. Really. Your comments and feedback make me happy.

Yay for warm fuzzy feelings!

One of my favorite things to do is to visit Target and check out their awesome selection of kitchen stuff. Today I just felt like sharing the pretty things with you. Maybe there's a wedding or birthday coming up that you need to shop for? Or maybe you want to buy me presents? Or maybe you just feel like beautifying your kitchen a bit?
How cute are these? Ever since I first saw them I've been trying to figure out how to get rid of all my other dishes so I can have an "excuse" to buy these. The whole set makes me happy every time I see it. But then also a little sad because they're residing in Target and not in my cupboards. :sigh:

If you don't already have a rolling pin, consider picking up this one. It's super affordable (less than $15) and this is one kitchen gadget that's hard to live without. And trust me, before I bought one I tried rolling out pie crusts with a can and another time with a drinking glass. True story.

I've been on the look-out for a better way to organize my spices. Right now they're a jumbled up mess in my cupboards. This baby seems like it would be absolutely perfect. It functions like a lazy susan (does anyone else ever feel bad for whomever susan is?) and each bottle has a seal that keeps your spices fresh. And! you won't have to buy any more spices for a while because it comes with all 16 jars already filled! Sweet.

Lace is big right now in clothing. It's back and it's beautiful. So why not add a touch of lace to your dining room? Would it be ridiculous to re-paint my currently tan dining room simply so I can use this in there? I love love love this runner.

Btw, once upon a time, about 10 years ago, my mother and I had an argument because she was trying to get me to wear something. My teenage self argued that lace was the least coolest thing in the world and that it would be sooo embarrassing to wear it. My mom assured me that even though it wasn't "in" at the moment, that something as classy and pretty as lace would make a comeback. And she was right. As mothers of teenagers often are. Love you, mom!


  1. I love those dishes, too! And if the spice rack were empty you could fill it with Savory Spice Shop treasures!

  2. Oh, as for an idea--how about keeping the major focus on cooking but have a "frontier living" section every now and then--you could fill it craft ideas, household projects you tackled, stuff you want for your home (like this post) ...

  3. Ok, I LOVE that spice rack...I'm pretty sure I really need it too. ☺

  4. @ Reagan - True. And I like your idea. It's exactly what I've been wanting to do but wasn't sure how to approach it. Thank you for solving my mental block.

    @ Annette - Let's go shopping! :)

  5. Oh...I love those dishes! I've actually been looking for new dishes. Almost took the plunge at Kohls the other day but didn't. I like these better! Not sure why I never thought to look at Target! We've never picked out a nice set of dishes. We have two random sets that we've picked up along the way. For some reason we didn't register for them when we got married and have never made it a priority in the last nine years. Oh...I'm off to read the reviews on these ones! :)

    I love your blog and don't get bored with it...but a "frontier living" section would be great too! :)

  6. @Shelly - I'm glad I could help you out in your quest to find dishes! You'll have to let me know if you do get them so I can attempt to not be too jealous about it. :)


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