Sunday, September 26, 2010

Menu Plan!

Is it just me or did the last week go by wayyy too fast? Although, it was awesome feeling like the weekend happened just two days after the previous one ended. Not complaining about that. :)

Sunday - Spinach and Cod Tart

Monday - Harissa Lentils and Sirloin Steak Tips with steamed carrots

Tuesday - Honey Orange Chicken Teriyaki (I made this into a OAMC meal so it works great for Tuesday nights when I'm in class until 7:00)

Wednesday - Leftovers (Khale has a dinner meeting so I'm not putting a ton of effort into dinner. Lillian would rather have pb &j anyhow)

Thursday - Beef roast, sweet potato cakes and steamed peas.

Friday & Saturday - Visiting the inlaws in Sheridan!


  1. Just stopping by from Org. Junkie. Your Honey Orange Chicken Teriyaki looks great.
    Thank You...

  2. That Orange Chicken Teriyaki DOES look delish...gonna have to put that one down for next weeks menu. I better follow your blog, so I can find the recipe when I need it. :)

  3. I'm so excited to find a weekly menu planner living in Colorado! I like to cook with seasonal ingredients and am excited to see if you feature local sale items in your plans. Thanks!

  4. @Miz Helen - Thanks so much for stopping by! Now I'll have to go check out your blog. :)

    @Hayley - Thanks for following! Hope you enjoy the chicken.

    @Leigh - I'm actually in Southern Wyoming but I still like to think of Colorado bloggers as being my "neighbors." :) It is really fun to work with ingredients that are in season so I try and use as much as I can.


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