Monday, September 27, 2010

Por Favor?

If you're a Frontier Kitchen fan of Facebook, you probably knew this was coming. Because I warned you. :)

I just entered my recipe in the Everyday Chef Challenge, part 2! Please head over there and vote for me. Y'all's votes in the last round were so appreciated. I love that I have people like you backing me in this effort! 

This challenge was actually a bit hard for me. I couldn't decide on what to make for days. Then while at the grocery store picking up some Pacific Foods soup, I finally figured out what to make. And I think it turned out fantastic! Yay!

"Boston in the Fall" Pot Pie

Thanks! Y'all are awesome!


  1. That was super easy, maybe you can remind us in the blog to keep on voting with the link maybe.

  2. Hi Sunnie!

    Great idea - I'll be sure and figure out something like that. Thanks!


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