Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Roman's Piranha

Anyone else hate, loathe or dispise wallpaper? Every so often I see one that's done well but I don't even need all the fingers on one of my hands to count how many times that's happened.

This Summer we bought our first home. It was built 80ish years ago and has tons of character and charm. However, the main bathroom had UGLY wallpaper. I knew even before we put in an offer on the house that we would be taking that wallpaper down ASAP.

However, said wallpaper was put up 80ish years ago. And it was put up directly on the drywall with no primer or anything. Let me just tell you, whatever paste they used to get it up there was strong stuff. It pretty much fused the wallpaper to the drywall.

I had heard from several sources that you could make homemade wallpaper stripper with hot water and fabric softener or water and vinegar. Both were epic fails. They actually made the wallpaper adhere more to the wall than it had been previously. Don't use homemade wallpaper removers!

Enter Roman's Piranha! You can get it at Lowes. I love this stuff and I used it several times previously in a house we were renting.

With this handy dandy spray and kit, there is no steaming or waiting required. You simply roll over the wallpaper with their tool (it has little metal things that poke the wallpaper), spray and then use the scraper to lift it off. Sooo easy! Also, it generally seems to take the glue right off along with the wallpaper so a wipe down with a damp cloth is all the prep you need to do before painting.

The fine people who own Piranha have no idea I wrote this post and I did not recieve any compensation for it. The thoughts and opinions expressed are simply my own.


  1. Yes, wallpaper is very intresting and sometimes can be intimidating to people or they like it.. I'm pretty picky I don't like dark color paper walls. So redoing them is fun :) Thanks so much for the tips :)

  2. Does this mean the dreaded wall paper is finally ALL gone and the bathroom is anxiously awaiting a dab or two of lovely green paint?


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