Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ugh. Sometimes I feel like I'm just floundering along in this blog world. Not really sure what I want to do or how seriously to take myself.

Part of me wants my blog to be "successful" and have it go somewhere.

Part of me just wants to chill and let things flow naturally.

Part of me wants to go to BlogHer 2011 to check it out. Any of my readers going?

Part of me really just wants to have the job of writing and editing cookbooks. Especially ones involving baking. A bakebook. :)

Part of me thinks I have zero time for all the stuff I want to do. But I do chronically take on more than I can handle...and I tend to thrive off the madness.

Part of me thinks it would awesome to go into struggling restaurants and help them revamp their menu slightly. There's a few places in my town that have great atmosphere and a pretty good menu but just need a little "spicing up." Wouldn't that be fun?

But mostly - Part of me thinks I'm ridiculous for having all these thoughts.


  1. I say, if you like the madness, go for it! ☺

    Ha, no, I'm not going to the Blogher conference, but it sure would be nice to have the blog make some income...

  2. I so feel your pain. I keep wondering if this blog thing matters--to me, to anyone else. Is it a distraction to keep me from what really matters? What am I leaving when I'm done here--and where does the blog fit into it.

    You have me thinking about BlogHer and these thoughts came swarming into my head (which is why I was up late).

    I'm with you.

    And your blog is the one I go to every day. So it matters to me.

  3. I love your blog & like it better than some of the "bigger" kind of cooking blogs.

    I think it would be fun to go to blogger to learn some things about blogging...but also just to experience it & meet some cool people.

    You should go if you want to! You could meet the Pioneer Woman herself! :)

  4. Annette - Thanks for encouraging my madness. :)

    Reagan - And I read your blog everyday. It's one of my favs.

    Shelly - You're so sweet! It would be really fun to bump into Pioneer Woman in a hallway or something at BlogHer. :)


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