Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Carve a Turkey

Turkey carving seems like this big daunting task. On Thanksgiving, American women usually relinquish the turkey carving rights to the head of the household. Because we're scared of it. Sure, we can bake fabulous pies but the thought of having to dismember a bird terrifies most of us.  

 I'm weird though. I actually like carving turkey or chicken. All thanks to a how-to I saw on Alton Brown's Food Network show a while back. He made it look so easy. And, miracle of miracles, it is! 

Now I don't want to take away your husband/father/uncle or whomever's joy of carving a turkey if they love it but I also think that if you're going to roast your own turkey, you should at least know how to carve it too.

So I was thinking about doing a vlog on how to carve a turkey but then I happened to be on YouTube and thought Alton Brown's video would undoubtedly be better than anything I could do with my tiny little automatic camera. Just saying.

And so, click here to put all your turkey carving fears to rest. You can pick up a roasted chicken from your grocery store to practice on before the big day (exactly the same process...just smaller).


  1. That was terrific. I never thought about cutting it this way as opposed to slicing off of the bird. I can't believe how easy they make it look. For years I struggled with this, atttempting to cut slices and usually ending up with chunks! Thank you.

  2. My good friend Sandra informed me tonight (girls night out) that you were that girl she was talking to at lunch that I thought had such a cute scarf on. If I knew it was you I would have said hey! :) Maybe again someday! :) Hope you got back over the hill safely! Its a crazy mess out there now.


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