Monday, November 29, 2010

Menu Plan - Changing it up!

I've decided that I need to start eating a bit healthier Monday-Friday if I'm going to survive the holiday season without gaining 10 lbs. Because I like pie. And cookies. So I wanted to start a diet. But one that actually works for me. So I created my own! It's the no soda, no junk food/dessert, 1 carb serving per day and 1 fast food meal every other week - diet. 

 To help me stick to it, Saturdays will become "Sinful Saturdays" and I'll pick 2 of the diet requirements to drop that day.  

And I'm going to start upping the workouts to get some better benefits from my healthy eating. It's like a New Years Resolution a month early. :)

Breakfast - Fruit and coffee
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Chicken Soup

Breakfast - Yogurt
Lunch - Salad
Dinner - Sirloin steak over brown rice and roasted asparagus

Breakfast - Eggs and fruit
Lunch - leftover chicken soup

Breakfast - Yogurt and fruit 
Lunch - Salad
Dinner - Orange Honey Teriyaki Chicken couscous, and steamed veggies

Breakfast - Eggs and turkey bacon
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Out for my brother-in-law's celebratory graduation dinner

Saturday (dropping the carbs and junk food/dessert limits):
Breakfast - Blueberry muffins
Dinner - Latkes, roasted vegetables and steak
Dessert - Doughnuts

My daughter likes to create weekly menu plans with me. I can't read it but I can guarantee that the only foods "written" on it are: cereal, peanut butter sandwiches, milk, popcorn, chocolate and banana muffins.


  1. I love my sinful Sundays :)

    Another little tip I love is to allow yourself a 60 calorie fruit pop/fudgsicle on the days you exercise (that actually make me want to exercise).

    Mmmmm corn chowder!

  2. Great plan. Love your daughter's contributions..


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