Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Keep it Safe and Pretty

I thought I would share a few tips to keep your Thanksgiving cooking time running smoothly and safely.

Turkey: Unless you're using a fresh one, make sure and pull your turkey out of the freezer three days before Thanksgiving (4 days in advance for turkeys +20lb). Set it in the turkey into a roasting pan inside your fridge, allow it to thaw slowly over the three days. Don't thaw your turkey on your countertop or under warm water. Sure, it's much faster to do it that way but turkeys are such darn thick things that you'll risk food poisoning as the outer layer of it will thaw well before the inside is thawed. 

Stuffing: Isn't stuffing sooo pretty when it's cooked in the bird? Yep. It is. However, the food safety powers that be have ruled that it's really unsafe to do this; the density of the stuffing makes it really difficult to get the internal temperature of the bird (the part surrounding your stuffing) hot enough to fully cook the chicken. Meaning your stuffing is going to spend several hours against semi-raw poultry. And so, I nolonger stuff the turkey because I don't want to be responsible for ruining everyone's Black Friday. There's shopping to be done, y'all!

Get Ready Now! Bed, Bath and Beyond has some fantastic and classic Thanksgiving serving items:

Keep your turkey moist and succulent with the 13-Piece Turkey Starter Set ($9.99)
It's kinda important to have something to cook your turkey in: Stainless Steel Domed Roaster Set ($29.99)

 Pretty up your table with these leaf placemats. Love them! ($1.99/each)

Run, don't walk, to your nearest Kohls and pick up some of these Butterscotch Maple Pillar Candles. (starting at $4.79) I have one right now and need to go get more before they're all gone because these babies smell fantastic.


  1. I saw those place mats in a mailer and thought they were uber cute. Oh, and stuffed birds freak me out. Ewwww!

    BTW--I have a super spicy secret ingredient for you *hint hint*

  2. Oh my, those butterscotch maple candles sound wonderful. I'm definitely going to check those out.


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