Monday, December 27, 2010

Ritz Cookies

Uh, so, um...


I decided to do today's post in vlog format.

:gulps again:

Because it seemed like a good idea. But then as soon as my husband pressed the record button I got really nervous. And later I got overly critical (I'm told) about the end result.

And right about now I start wondering if a vlog is such a good idea...geez.

Anyhow, we're going to take these ingredients.

And make these!

(If the video doesn't show up right away, roll over the black square and the image should appear)

Uh, do y'all still like me? In spite of me being a dork and terrible on film?


  1. I think you did good in the video, you didn't seem all nervous or anything to me. You looked cute as usual! And your husband actually zeroed in on the cookies! ;) I like making my Ritz with a spread of peanut butter and covered in melted chocolate. The recipe is good, and so is the video! Long Live Cowboys!

  2. there so much you can do with ritz crackers!. I just posted a recipe for baked clam dip using ritz crackers.


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