Thursday, December 16, 2010


I love a good craft. Especially in the winter when you feel kinda cooped up and just need to do something different.

Back before Hanukkah, I saw something in a magazine offering suggestions on how to make a menorah craft with your children. And I fully intended to do it with my daughter. I bought all the supplies and everything. And then finals hit. Hard. And the holiday flew by. All eight nights.

But I still really wanted to do the craft. So I scouted out the nearest Goodwill for some cylinder glass candle holders and got to work: 

Snowflake Candle Holders

Glass cylinder candle holder
A few sheets of tissue paper (whichever color you like)
White construction, printer or scrapbook paper
White school glue
A brush
Crystals/sequins (check out Michael's $1 bins)

#1 - Cut or tear tissue paper into pieces. In a bowl, mix together glue and enough hot water to make the glue the consistency of cream. Paint a section on your glass cylinder with the glue. Lay tissue paper pieces on top of it. Repeat all the way around the cylinder. Add another layer of tissue paper, if you wish. Brush the surface tissue paper again with the glue.

#2 - Cut out snowflakes from the white paper. You could do big ones I did or a bunch of tiny ones all around.

#3 - While the last layer of glue on the cylinder is still wet, gently place your paper snowflake on top, pressing down on all the edges to make sure it sticks. Brush snowflake with another layer of glue.

#4 - Add crystals/sequins to dress up the snowflakes a bit. Allow to dry before lighting candles inside the cylinders.

If you hit up Goodwill for the cylinders and cut up used tissue paper, this craft will cost you well under $5 for all three candle holders!

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  1. Super pretty and I like anything that starts at a thrift store!


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