Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday's Kitchen Tip: Crush 'Em!

While y'all are baking up a storm this holiday season, I know some of you will need crushed candycanes. Like, if you're making Oreo Peppermint Bark.

Usually when I see suggestions for crushing candycanes, it goes something like this:

#1 - Place candycanes in a plastic bag.
#2- Using a rolling pin, roll over the bag until the candies are crushed.

Sounds all fine and dandy, huh? However, every time I've tried it this way, the bag has been punctured by the candy pieces and caused candy cane dust to get everywhere while some of the pieces are still quite large.

Here's a secret to help you keep your baking sanity and a clean kitchen!  Grab your mortar and pestle and crush up the candy canes in there.

Place your hand over the top around where the pestle is as a makeshift lid. Press down on the pestle as you rock it back and forth. Rotate your hand and the pestle again and repeat. Continue until all the candy is crushed.
I love this method soooo much better than the bag method I've used every other year of my life. This way, all the candy stays inside (unless you go really crazy) and you have more control over which pieces you crush to make them more uniform.

If you don't have one, you can find perfectly fine ones for cheaply:
Like this marble one from Webstaurant Store for just $7.59!

You'll want to buy one that is made out of some type of stone (such as marble) because the plastic or porcelain ones don't hold up as well to all the smashing.

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