Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 Things

So I just realized something - I completely forgot to tell y'all about a few changes I made on here!

First up - I added a Advertise! page up top. If you have a business or blog you would like to advertise here on my site, shoot me an e-mail at and we'll chat about how you can get a FREE month! I get thousands of visitors to this site each month so it's a great way to get some exposure for your business or blog in a super cheap way. Because I'm cheap. But not in a 'ho sort of way. :)

Secondly - I also added a Featured On page. I wanted to compile a list of the Frontier Kitchen recipes that have been featured on other websites. If you've featured one of my recipes and want to be included in the list, leave a comment or e-mail me with the link and I'll post it up there. Again, more exposure for your blog!

Third - I love you all. I love hearing about how you're cooking right along with me. It warms my little heart.

Fourth - Next week I've got quite a few posts coming at you all geared towards helping you spend less money in 2011. We're talking potentially $100s a month. Hello!

Fifth - Good news! I found the camera I want to replace my broken one. Bad news: it won't arrive for a month because it's brand spankin' new. But I'm going to find a way to work around that in the mean time. :)

Sixth - This is totally random but I've been using the On Demand Exercise Tv to do my workouts for the past couple months. It's fantastic. Check out the Sports section of your On Demand cable and see if you have it too. My favorite trainers are Holly Perkins, Jillian Michaels and Stephanie Vitorino. I rotate around which ones I do so I'm always challenged. Those ladies kick my butt on a regular basis.

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  1. I have been using Exercise TV too! If you haven't already, try their website! They have great download videos and healthy tips.


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