Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crafts You Have Time For

I'm in the process of getting a new camera (yippee!) and so in the meantime I'll be posting a series of somewhat random topics.

Because I like to blog.

I like the clickity clack of computer keys being pressed rapidly.

But! Once I get my new camera in the mail I'll have a fun little surprise for you!

Today's random post is about crafts:

I love crafts. I don't know if it was my country home school upbringing where my Mom decided to spend five years of it teaching me how to do: cooking, baking, gardening, quilting, sewing, cross-stitching, embroidery, basket weaving, painting, refinishing furniture, teaching my younger siblings, etc. But I love anything involving a good craft opportunity.

Usually when I talk about my love for crafts, I hear people sigh and say, "I wish I had craft time like you."

Well, bless their heart (which is something Southerner's always say before saying something negative) but chances are I'm every bit as busy as you. I don't have time. Seriously. I take 15-16 credit hours per semester, keep up with the usual stay-at-home-mom duties, spend quality time with my husband, get involved in various volunteer projects, write a blog, and organize and host weekly play dates.

But! Here's how I carve out a little time to do crafts:

I find ones I can do from my couch. Chances are, no matter how busy you are, that you still find time to sit around playing board games with your kiddos or watch tv or snuggle up for a good movie once in a while. Well, I try and take that time to work on a craft. Now, this isn't when I break out the sewing machine because it's hard to pay attention to your family while sewing up a storm. But I do break out my knitting needles, jewelry supplies or any other little craft project I'm working on.

Here's some easy projects that you could totally work on the next time you're sitting down for an episode of The Bachelor or "patiently" waiting for your kiddo to take their Candyland turn:

How About Orange? has this fantastic tutorial for making your own gift bows! I did one the other day out of comics and it was super quick and easy and cute!

Our Best Bites just posted a tutorial to make this cute Valentines Day wreath. And after the holiday has passed, you could totally hang this up in a little girl's room for some fun wall art.

Ruffles and Stuff hacked an incredible necklace from JCrew so you can make it yourself on the cheap! I'm making one as soon as I can get my butt to Michaels.


  1. With all your spare time, why don't you swing by and pick me up and we'll go to Michaels together :)

  2. Yeah, my sister in law tells me I have more time to do stuff than she does. What's up with that? We all have the same 24 hours! Cute projects. Thanks for the info.


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