Friday, January 14, 2011


I realize it seems a bit late to be posting this. But I like to put some thought into my 2011 plans. :)

Resolutions - The things you want to happen in the coming year but know probably won't.

Goals - The things that you will probably accomplish within the coming year.

Ergo, here are my 2011 goals:

1. Get back into the size 6 jeans I wore before starting this blog. I swear I weigh more after a year of blogging than I did 4 months after giving birth to my daughter.

2. Learn how to ski or snowboard...or both!

3. Find the nerve to let my husband teach me how to ski or snowboard.

4. Realize that we're in our fifth year of marriage and it's totally cool if he sees me fall on my butt 100 times.

5. Finish all my college courses (with A's!) so I can student teach in spring 2012. Yipee!

6. Discover the secret to round (not flat) cupcakes in Wyoming. Gosh darn you altitude! You won in 2010 but I will defeat you in 2011!

7. Go out on a hot date with the husband at least once a month. Date-night-in is fun and all but I think it's a little too blah for us. We need spice. And excitement. :)

8. Find a board game my husband enjoys. This will be my biggest challenge.

9. Cherish every single moment with my daughter. Even the ones where she and I are annoyed with each other. She's growing up too fast...somehow she transformed from a toddler to a little lady this year.

10. Become a morning person. Hah!

11. Figure out how other adults go to bed before 11:30 on a regular basis. Seriously, how?

12. Write a cookbook. I have an idea. It's a good one. It involves baking.

13. Learn how to be content when life doesn't go how I plan it. Because God's plan is so much better. Always.

14. Spend $80/week on groceries & household items. Because I'm cheap. And because I dislike spending money on stuff that doesn't last. But mostly because I'm cheap.

15. Only use reusable shopping bags. I always forget them.

16. Teach my daughter how to read. I'll probably wait until she turns four in May but she's already sounding out words thanks to her love of preschool and kindergarten workbooks.

17. Perfect the art of fried chicken. Enough said.

18. Learn how to clap on beat. I can't.

Y'all are fantastic. I hope you have an incredible 2011 - here's to achieving our goals!

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  1. I got the going to bed before 11:30pm down pat;) , can teach you how to snowboard (once Ben learns), and share the same jean size goal :)))


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