Thursday, January 27, 2011

Look Fabulous in 2011 for Less Than $60!

Note: This post has barely anything to do with food or cooking.

But it does have tons to do with looking smokin' hot for your man while you may be cooking!

I love Old Navy. It's been my go-to store for years. I like it because the clothes are cute and the style mixes just enough trendy with just enough classy to create items that you can wear for years. And it's super affordable. Win-win-win-win!

Lately, Old Navy has been offering an extra 25% off their clearance items online and an additional 40-50% off clearance items in store. So I thought I would put together a few items to show you how you can get some fun new clothes for Spring on the cheap!

All these items can be mixed and matched and most of them are clearance items. Here's how you can get at least ten outfits with just these 7 items:

Outfit #1 - Cargo skinnies, grey striped shirt and coral sweater.

Outfit #2 - White cords, grey shirt and grey blazer with the blue scarf.

Outfit #3 - Cargo skinnies, tank top and scarf.

Outfit #4 - White cords, grey striped shirt, coral sweater and scarf.

Outfit # 5 - Cargo skinnies, tank top and blazer.

Outfit #6 - White cords, tank top and coral sweater.

Outfit # 7 - Cargo skinnies, grey striped shirt, blazer and scarf.

Outfit # 8 - White cords and grey striped shirt.

Outfit # 9 - Cargo skinnies, grey striped shirt and scarf.

Outfit # 10 - White cords, coral sweater and blazer.

That's about $45 if you buy in store for 40% off (about $60 if you buy online for 25% off) for at least ten outfits! Through a pair of jeans and two shirts from your closet in and you've got at least 50 new outfit possibilities for the Spring. Sweet!

And if you think these items won't work for a busy mom, trust me, they totally will. Although, you might just want to swap the white cords for a darker pair if your kiddos tend to run up and hug your legs while they have peanut butter shmeared faces. :)


  1. So, what you are saying is you want to go shopping on Saturday?!?!

  2. Okay, I wanted to do some shopping now that I have my figure back (mostly), but now I. Am so psyched about the idea I can bareely stand it. Thanks for the tip Sarah. I hope therems an Old Navy in Clarksville.



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