Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Savings - Doing What You Already Do

Like I said last week, I'm doing a bunch of savings-related posts this week. I'm do this for a few reasons:

#1 - I'm cheap. I like to get things for super low prices. It gives me more money to spend on fun things. Like dishes. I'm amassing quite a collection. I scored an original Franciscan "Cloud Nine" coffee set for $10 the other day at my favorite antique store.

#2 - I like helping other people save money. It's addictive.

#3 - Since I can't take photos of recipes right now, I thought I'd dabble a bit in writing about something else I love - saving money. See #1.

In my first post for this Super Savings Week, I want to break us in gently. These two tips can help you save throughout the year by simply doing what you already do. No major changes today, folks.

Chances are you use search engines just as frequently as I do. If so, check out Swag Bucks. It is an entirely free search engine that randomly awards you with free Swag Bucks when you search for whatever you would normally Google. I've had my account for about a week and I've already earned 200 Swag Bucks. You can cash those Swag Bucks in for things - 450 Swag Bucks gets you a $5 Amazon gift card.

I know quite a few people who use Swag Bucks and then cash in all their Amazon gift cards in December so they pay very little for their Christmas gifts. Sweet! If you start now, you could potentially do the same thing - or maybe use it to pay for gifts for all those birthday parties your kids are invited to.

Another money saving place I love is Ebates. If you do any shopping online - you've gotta check this out. All it is is a website that you go to before making a purchase on any other website, then you click on the company you're planning to buy from and Ebates opens a window taking you directly to that website. Make your purchase and you'll instantly earn a percentage (usually between 3%-12%) back. You'll even get cash back from websites like Groupon and Ebay. I just wish they would add Amazon to the list as it's where I do most of my online shopping. :sigh:

You'll also get a $10 gift card to Target, Barnes and Noble or Home Depot for FREE as soon as you sign up and make your first Ebates purchase. Uh, score! Click HERE to get started.    

Disclaimer: All the views and opinions expressed in this or any other post are simply my own. Neither SwagBucks or Ebates have any idea who I am. :)  


  1. I've seen swagbucks but never knew what it was ... perhaps it is time I look into this (since #1 is a fave of mine too!)

  2. I love swagbucks, I mostly redeem mine for the $5 amazon gift cards. Its so easy, Im also a cheap mama. Do you coupon? IF not I can help you learn and send you coupon blogs. I also get my exercise from ondemand!

  3. Swagbucks and ebates are absolutely fab, I highly recommend both! If you are a Groupon abuser, make sure you go through Swagbucks to buy your Groupons; ebates will give you 3% back, but Swagbucks will give you 280 bucks, which is over halfway towards your $5 Amazon card! On the Swagbucks page, pick the "earn" tab at the top, then click "daily deals" and you should be able to scroll down through Groupon offers.

  4. @Reagan - I was the same way up until recently. Now I'm a fully converted fan.

    @Sunnie - I love coupons! My post tomorrow is actually about couponing. :)

    @Megan - Thanks for the tip!

  5. Thanks for posting this! I was going to sign up for Swagbucks through your referal, but apparently I signed up a year ago and didn't do anything with it. Sigh.


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