Monday, February 21, 2011


Recently I've been strangely motivated to experiment more in the produce section of "my" grocery store.

It's been really fun!

I've discovered a few new ways to make vegetables that I barely ever cooked before. Like this unattractive fellow:

Last week I played around with parsnips because I read something that said they are the least consumed vegetable. I, however, think they're quite tasty. But, not gonna lie, I totally burned a batch of them. I also ate some of it because I figured I could justify it (to my tastebuds) by saying they were "caramelized." Turns out caramelizing only goes so far until it really is burned. Whoodathunkit?

This week I'm experimenting with a vegetable I've never used before. Like, ever.

Swiss chard, baby! I'm not sure if it's the brightly colored stems or what but I've always been a little intimidated by this bold looking vegetable. But I've got a bunch of it secured in my fridge and the experimenting will commence tomorrow.

My husband just informed me that my mother-in-law makes yummy swiss chard. Crystal - be expecting a call soon!

So, I'm totally curious to know - Do you experiment in the produce section? Or just stick to lettuce and potatoes? Have you tried any "new" produce items recently? What produce items are you afraid of? Which ones do you love? 

I like to ask questions. I also like answers. :)


  1. You know me--I love veggies and I experiment! I love serving seared steaks over a bed of steamed chard with a balsamic vinaigrette drizzle! Mmmmm. Parsnips=stew essential in my book!

  2. I don't really experiment in the produce section, Im a lettuce and potatoes kindof girl. I dont like wasting food either, I get really mad at myself when I leave something out on the counter overnight you know. Maybe I think if I get some 'new' produce that no one will eat it or it'll go bad before I can get to it. So no, I dont go too wild in this area!

  3. We will eat anything. We joined a CSA several years ago (like 7 years ago), and we were introduced to lots of new stuff. Now, I make it a point to find something different whenever I feel bored.
    I love chard (all greens, really), but my favorite vegetables are always going to be the summer ones--tomatoes and eggplant especially.

  4. I am all over experimenting in the produce section! Since my husband and I both love Mediterranean, Indian, Thai, African, middle eastern, and other Asian genres of cuisine, I already cook with a huge variety of unusual, international fruits, veggies, and spices. Frequently, I'll bring something home just because it's weird or I've never tried it before!

  5. I'll be honest, the #1 reason I join the local CSA wherever I live is so that I get random veggies I would never buy on my own (which has included both chard AND parnsips in the past). The challenge of making these strangers delicious is wonderful! I have grown quite fond of beets since then.

    Chard, on a related note, is a fabulous substitute for spinach in just about every recipe. And parsnips, mashed with seasonings and broth, is better than potatoes in my opinion. :)

  6. While I don't experiment in my grocery produce very much, I was a member of an organic produce buying club for about a year. And on pickup day, we received a basket with about 20 different items... whatever our buyers thought looked good and fit the budget that week. I was always excited to see new things that I either hadn't cooked before or sometimes hadn't ever eaten before.

    P.S. Parsnips make a great potato substitute in some soups, like clam chowder. Yummm...

  7. Parsnips and cauliflower mashed together are a geat low-carb mashed potato substitute... or just a good way to get in more veggies!


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