Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So last week my brother and sister-in-law made a little pit stop at our house during their move from Seattle to Nashville.

We went ice skating (my daughter decided it was more fun to purposely fall than skate), hung out, did some shopping, AND she taught me how to make sushi!!

I've always avoided learning how to make sushi b/c the experts out there are always going on and on about how you have to have the perfect rice, the perfect cut of fish, the perfect bamboo mat, etc. blah blah blah I always feel like recipes where you have to have tons of finicky ingredients are way too snobbish for me.

I don't do snobbish.  

However! My sweet sister-in-law, Kyla, doesn't do snobbish either.

I had so much fun learning how to make sushi - we went to the Asian grocery store in my town to get the ingredients and spent an evening rolling in the kitchen. As it turns out, sushi is super easy to make and I was able to get over my fear of raw fish. :)

So you take a toasted seaweed wrapper and gently press sticky sushi rice into it, leaving a 1" border at the top.

Then add a strip of cucumber, cream cheese and smoked (or raw) salmon. We also used raw tuna on a couple of the rolls. Sprinkle the entire thing with sushi rice seasoning.

Then tightly roll it up.

Slice each roll into 8 pieces, cutting between your fingers to keep everything intact.

Yummy! The brown things are inari sushi - a dessert variety - essentially a pouch of sweetened fried tofu stuffed with the sweet sticky sushi rice. And my personal favorite of the evening.

I promise these are super easy to make so if you're a sushi lover, go try it out. Like, right now! :)

American Sushi
Serves 4

2 c. white short grain rice
2-3 cups water (check your rice's directions to be sure)
4 tbsp. rice vinegar
4 tbsp. sugar
2 tsp. kosher salt
4 toasted seaweed sushi wrappers
1 cucumber, peeled and cut into strips
4 oz. cream cheese, cut into long strips
smoked or raw salmon (or tuna, or any sushi-grade raw fish)
sushi rice seasoning
Wasabi paste

In a saucepan, combine rice and water. Bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat to a simmer. Continue to cook rice until all the water has evaporated and rice is tender. In a bowl, combine rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Microwave for 30 seconds and whisk together. Transfer the rice to a glass bowl and drizzle all of the sweetened rice vinegar over the top. Gently stir to combine.

Spoon some of the rice onto a sushi wrapper. Gently press the rice in a even layer to the edges of the wrapper, leaving 1/2 - 1" of the top edge exposed.

Towards the bottom of the sushi wrapper, place cucumber, salmon (or other fish) and cream cheese. Sprinkle with sushi rice seasoning. Starting at the bottom, tightly roll up the sushi. Slice each roll into 8 pieces, using your fingers on either end to keep it secure.

Serve the sushi promptly with a bit of wasabi paste. Wasabi is very spicy so just use a tiny drop or two for your first bite.



  1. Now I'll teach you the art of rolling them rice side out!

  2. Mmmmm....delicious! :D I had the same aversion to making sushi, though I love to eat it. But since I'm allergic to dairy, I'll have to find something else to stuff my roll with...hrrrrrm.....

    Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. Beth... Have you tried goats milk? a nice fresh chevre can sub for cream cheese in most cases. Goats milk contains less casein and lactos, which is what most people are allergic to in dairy products that use cows milk


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