Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The I-Word

Hey y'all,

Today I'm guest blogging over at Where is the Me in Mommy? about a very personal topic, the I-word. Click here (because my linking ability is acting up):

I often have a hard time being completely open with this part of my life. I don't like to let people see me as anything but happy and confident. I don't even like crying in front of my husband. I'm weird like that.

But sometimes you just gotta talk it out. It's part of the healing/coping process.

I hope and pray that if you're dealing with the I-word that you'll find peace, comfort, encouragement and healing. I'd hug you if I could.



  1. thank you for guess blogging about this. i read it and left a comment. i can completely relate and I appreciate you sharing- it makes me feel like i'm not so alone in this after all!

  2. I read the post and wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Our experiences are not exactly the same, but the pain and loneliness is the same for anyone going through this. Thank you! My thoughts and prayers are with you and every other woman that suffers through this trial.

  3. I wanted to say thanks for posting this, while Im not in the same situation as you, I feel really bad for you. You know, there are some bloggers you feel a connection with, ( I did already with you though, even before this.) I dont really know If Im making sense, Im just sorry you guys have to deal with this, I know you are good people.

  4. Thank You for this for this post! We too have infertility after having a child. My daughter is now almost 11 and still asks for brothers/sisters. It is a very hard thing to go through. We have also been tested and nothing is wrong with either of us. I guess we are meant to be a one child family. :) We are actually in the starting process of adoption. Hopefully. Prayers be with you.


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