Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jordi's Closet

I assume that y'all know what Etsy is, right? If not, you should totally check it out soon. It's a online shopping market filled with handmade items ranging from art to dishes to clothing.

I love looking at all the fun items on there. If you like to find unique gifts for family and friends (or yourself!), it's the perfect place.

One of my friends, Jordon, recently opened an Etsy store - Jordi's Closet:

She has some seriously cute stuff. Like this precious baby blanket for only $15:

I love that it's cotton but also has the super soft textured side. I know tons of babies who love blankets with that fabric combination on their lovies...including my own. :)

And Jordon also has a bunch of cheery Spring skirts for little girls, like this one:

A little while ago Jordon sweetly offered to send me one of the skirts for my daughter.

Isn't it so fun and girly?

And they're apparently super comfortable and fit well with an active little girl's lifestyle - Lillian has worn it for the past two days in a row and cried last night when I told her she would have to take it off at bedtime.

(most of our photos of her turn out like this)

She picked out the satin shirt to go with it. But the great thing about these skirts is that you can dress them up, like Lillian did, or you can dress them down with a simple tshirt and sneakers.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out Jordi's Closet:

Thank you, Jordon! We couldn't love the skirt more!

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  1. Your little girl is so cute! And tiny too, my youngest is a little one also, but so amI. Very cute pictures, especially the bottom one!


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