Sunday, March 27, 2011

Skinny Sundays

Ugh. I had to have surgery on Friday (don't worry, I'm okay!). And I have a tendency to overdue stuff when normal people know to listen to their body and allow it to recover. Exhibit A: The day after I gave birth to my daughter I walked up and down three flights of stairs, took her to the pediatrician, and then went grocery shopping.

Anyhow. Yesterday I did way too much. So today I'm forcing myself to sit on our couch. And maybe take a nap or two if the percocet is kicking in a little too strong. :)

And while I was sitting here in my cozy stretchy pants all morning, I've found some serious motivation to really be healthy. Honestly, I need the endorphins from exercising and I love how much better I feel physically when I eat healthy. Not exercising and eating junk food just makes me cranky and emotional.

Who wants that? Not me.

So I'm going to start Skinny Sundays on here. Every Sunday I'll post our weekly menu plan as well as my exercise/fitness plan for the week. Want to join me? Link up your healthy menu or exercise plan at the bottom of each week's Skinny Sunday post. I'd love for you to be my online bloggy exercise buddy!

*My linking ability isn't working right now but you can find many of the recipes below can be found in my archives.

Monday - Greek yogurt and Coconut Pecan Granola.
Toasted Almond, Feta and Craisin Salad
Hummus and Corn Chips
Chicken Vegetable Soup

Tuesday - Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Bacon and 1/2 Whole Wheat English Muffin
Deli-style sandwiches on Whole Wheat Bread with Kale Chips
Fruit and String Cheese
Pan-roasted Chicken Legs and with roasted Yellow Squash

Wednesday - Chex cereal and fruit
Toasted Almond, Feta and Craisin Salad

Cheese and Whole Wheat Crackers
Grilled Garlic Pesto Steak, Roasted Asparagus and Brown Rice
Thursday - Eggs in Spinach Cups and fruit
Black Bean and leftover Brown Rice Stuffed Pitas
Mini carrots and Hummus
Roasted Garlic and Broccoli Over Whole Wheat Couscous

Friday - Berry and Spinach Smoothies with Whole Wheat Toast
Turkey Meatball Subs with Steamed Snap Peas
Corn Chips and Salsa
Grilled Salmon, Roasted Red Pepper Tapinade Crustini, and Asparagus 

New to menu planning? I use a handy dandy notepad similar to this one to keep myself organized. I love them!

Exercise Plan March 28 - April 1

Because I just had surgery, I can't really work out until next week. However! I can go on some moderate walks. So that's what I'm going to do.

Tuesday -  1 mile walk
Thursday - 2 mile walk
Saturday - 2.5 mile walk

What's your menu and/or exercise plan for the week? Link up below and join the fun!


  1. Oh fun! I'll go add my work out to the my Daniel Fast menu plan and link up!

  2. I need to get back to doing my menu plan, last year Betty Crocker sent me a really cool plan set up and now that I have used it all, I find that Iam not stiicking to a plan. It just seemed different writing it on the calendar, then on a paper on the fridge. And Iam all for exercise! I hope you heal fast from the surgery!


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