Friday, March 25, 2011

Pizza Pizza

Back while I was in the throws of broken camera world, I was offered the opportunity to review this  cookbook:

I do especially enjoy a good pizza so I happily agreed.

Father Dominic Garramone is a monk who shares his twenty years of cooking experience and recipes on the tv show, Breaking Bread. His book, Thursday Night Pizza, is filled with his favorite pizza recipes, from Asparagus Mornay Pizza to Spicy Thai Peanut Chicken Pizza. Yum!  

I think I read every page of the book - does anyone else love reading recipes and cooking tips? If you do, this book is full of them. You'll find out how to make the perfect pizza crust, whether you want it to be American style or Italian style crust. You can also use the variations to do a cornmeal, onion, whole wheat or herb crust. I like options. There's even a sweet crust recipe for those dessert pizzas we all love - like Father Dominic's Fig and Papaya Pizza. 

There's also recipes for appetizers and 10 different sauces! I also love sauces. One of which is the 8 Minute Pizza Sauce. I rarely make my own red pizza sauces because I'm a cheater but my husband will be thrilled to know that I now have a go-to classic pizza sauce. You know, one that doesn't come out of a jar marked Prego.


We made one of the pizzas last night for dinner. Because I have a picky three-year-old, I decided to go the classic route and make the Four Cheese Tomato Pizza.

The cheeses (ricotta, romano, mozzarella, and provolone) became a beautiful bubbly molten blend in the oven.

I also love melted cheese.

I love a lot of things when it comes to pizza.

Oh, and the crust! It's sooo good! Dare I say it, it's better than the pizza crust recipe I have on here - the one that I was convinced was the most perfect crust ever. Apparently not. Because Fr. Dominic's pizza crust is amazing. Seriously good. It has the perfect amount of crispness on the bottom and edges while being completely soft and delicate inside.

While I haven't yet had the chance to try all the recipes in the book, I can say that the ones that I have tried have been really yummy. And often you'll find tips alongside the recipes encouraging you to experiment and adapt the pizza to your mood or preference. Which is another thing I love.

So if you're a pizza enthusiast like everyone in my family, you should totally check out Fr. Dominic Garramone's book, Thursday Night Pizza. It's available on Amazon for a mere $13! Just click here to order or visit the link below.


  1. We had pizza last night too but ours had a brown rice crust and tofu instead of cheese ... yours looks (and I bet tasted!) better!

  2. Iam also a pizza loving mama! Yours looks really good, I think the better cheese makes a big difference.


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