Thursday, May 19, 2011


Happy Birthday, baby girl!

Sarah: "Hey, can you be my baby forever?"
Lillian: "Well, yes."
Sarah: "Even when you get super old, like 35, and are married with your own baby?"
Lillian: "Uh, mom, I'll always be you baby."

I'm going to have to remind her of that in a few years when she's a teenager and thinks I'm totally lame.

She and I have a little birthday tradition - Every year on the morning of her birthday, I convince her to snuggle me in bed for a little bit while I tell her a story about when she was born (minus the nasty details) and how excited her Dad and I were to meet her. 

And how she must have been excited about meeting Daddy too because she rarely took her eyes off him for the first day or two of her life.


  1. Happy Birthday Lillian, you are such a cutie! That's a good tradition you guys started.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I still keep this tradition. My girls are 23 and 27 this month and every year I tell them their birth story. Happy late Birthday Lillian!!


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