Friday, June 24, 2011

How To: Make a Easy Summer Skirt

Since y'all were so sweet when I did my How To post for the infinity scarf, I thought I would share with y'all another one of my favorite simple sewing projects. Every Summer I use this method to make my daughter several cute little skirts. Because the kiddo likes to be girly. And I like sewing. And how cheap it is to make skirts yourself (the one below cost $1.25 to make. No lie.)  

To start off you'll need a piece of fabric. This was a 1/2 a yard piece that I got from Walmart. Because JoAnn's isn't open yet.

I keep impatiently stalking their new store site to see if it's opened yet. I love craft stores.

Now you need to trim your fabric along the length of it to the desired length.* I was making this for my daughter and wanted it to hit about knee length and she wears a size 5 or 6 so I didn't have to trim much off.

Cotton fabric is the easiest to work with for this type of skirt because it sews and irons easily.

Then, with right sides of the fabric together, stitch the width sides together so you have a large tube.

Then iron along the bottom of the skirt, folding up a 1/4," press, and fold over another 1/4." This will be your hem.

Along the top, fold the fabric over 1/4," press and fold it over again 3/4," press. This will be your casing for the elastic waistband so make sure your second fold is wide enough for the elastic to fit into.

Now cut the elastic to fit around your waist (or the waist of whomever you're sewing for). What I always do is pull the elastic around my waist so it's somewhat tight and snug.

Stitch near the edge of your casing, stopping 2" before the point at which you started sewing the casing so there's a gap.

Attach a safety pin to one end of your elastic and use that to thread it through the gap in the casing and bring it all the way around and out the same gap (make sure you don't let the other end disappear into the casing!).  

Overlap your elastic ends and with a zig-zag stitch, sew them together.

Stitch the casing closed.

Stitch near the edge of your hem fold line, all the way around the skirt.

And you've made a skirt!

Happy Sewing!

Sometimes Blogger decides it wants to rotate my photos and insists on uploading them that way.

*If you're making this skirt for a baby, cut the width of the skirt down a bit along the edges; you don't want the width of the skirt to be more than 2 1/2 times bigger around the waist of whomever is going to wear it.

*If you're making this skirt for an adult, all you have to do is increase the length of fabric use to a full yard instead of a 1/2 yard.

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  1. This is great! I was thinking of getting my almost-2-year-old some more summer skirts, but this idea is even better!


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