Friday, October 28, 2011

Snow Paint

With the 10 inches of snow that we got this week, my daughter and I have been playing outside in it like crazy. We played snow fairies, built snowmen, threw snowballs, started three snow forts, and went sledding.

But there was still something we needed to try with the snow.


After all the stuff we made, my daughter decided we needed some color amongst all the whiteness.

So we filled some spray bottles up with cold water, added food coloring and went crazy.

We just decided to do purple and green this time around. Next time we might have to add a bit more food coloring to make the colors more vibrant.

She had fun spray painting her partially finished snow fort. In between asking me over and over why it was winter already. :)

So! The next time it snows, which for some of you may be a really long time, break out the food coloring and add some to your spray bottles along with water.

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