Thursday, December 22, 2011

Once a Month Cooking: Recipes

I think the hardest part of OAMC is picking which recipes you want to use. I only like to use recipes that taste as good a month later out of the freezer as they would if I had just made them that evening. And I don't want to make a bunch of freezer-meals that require me to spend more than 10 minutes in the kitchen when I go to cook them later on. Otherwise I don't feel like it's really worth it.

So I'm pretty picky about what I'll make on my OAMC days. On Sunday when I did my massive cooking day, I made about 10 different recipes, all of which I doubled. Since we only have two adults and one child in our family, I froze the meals in portions that we could eat in one sitting with minimal leftovers so I ended up with a few extras of some recipes.

My freezer is a bit loaded down. :)

Here's links to printable recipes of some of the things I made this time around. The asterisk indicates meals that require no cooking. Two asterisks indicates that it is a crockpot dish

*Orange Honey Chicken Teriyaki (this could be adapted to be a crockpot dish if you want)

**Shredded Beef (for making burritos, taco salad, quesadillas, french dip sandwiches, etc)

*   **Winter Beef Stew (two varieties)

I also made a chicken vegetable soup (I basically dump cooked chicken, seasonings, broth, and chopped veggies into a bag and freeze it with plans to put it in my crockpot on cooking day). And my classic lasagna. Just be sure and undercook the noodles if you make a lasagna so they don't become soggy later on.

If you need more recipe inspiration, check out Once a Month Mom. I love this blog because each month they create a OAMC menus, shopping lists, and cooking plans. And! The menus cater to specific dietary needs: Whole Foods, Traditional, Vegetarian, Gluten-Dairy Free, Baby Food, and Diet.

Hopefully today I've been able to help you out a bit as you plan your OAMC day! Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas! :)

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  1. What a coincidence! We started OAMC this month (after me not doing it for a few years). I agree, I like recipes that are more than just mushy bland casseroles, and that actually save me enough time on cooking night to justify the up front prep time. After all, I can cook dinner in 30 minutes from scratch if I must. The point here is to NOT have to.
    We've had house guests for a few weeks, so 3 of us spent some time prepping 22 meals (4 servings each) and we've been eating those a few nights a week. I used the Saving Dinner "20 for the Freezer" set of recipes, which I'd purchased a few years back. Most of the food so far has been very tasty and very simple to prep and cook. But there's a really good variety of proteins and styles.
    I don't think I'll try to do that many at once, next time. But I will see if my fiance has recovered from the experience (or forgotten it thoroughly enough) to do it again regularly. Or maybe I'll invite a girlfriend over, and we'll do them for both houses together.


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