Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I'm gearing up for baby's arrival. Which is supposed to be in about five weeks. One of the things I'm doing to get ready for life with two kiddos is cooking up a bunch of freezer meals (also known as Once A Month Cooking). Because as our family adjusts to its newest member, I don't want to let the family go hungry or resort to take out on a regular basis.

So! I'm wondering - do you guys have any interest in seeing what freezer meals I make? If so, I could put together a list, complete with recipes and freezer instructions, and then post it up here on this ole blog thingamajig. If you guys are really interested, I could perhaps even try to put together a printable grocery list to go with it. Just let me know. :)

In other news, is everyone loving the holiday season? I'm a big fan of it because I love how the spirit of giving becomes contagious, all the get-togethers with friends and family and, of course, the cooking and baking.

While you're out shopping for holiday gifts, consider giving a gift that keeps on giving. Here's a couple of my favorite ways to do so that I also plan on including in my holiday list this year:

My Fight.
My Fight is a organization that sells t-shirts to fund small business micro-loans to women in Ethiopia and Honduras so they can overcome poverty in their life. My husband's cousin is one of the people who helped establish My Fight and he continues to work for it so I can vouch that it's a quality organization and that your money really does go to helping these women. If you check out their Facebook page, you can see photos of the women they are working to get loans for as well as see how many shirts they have left to sell before the loan is fully funded. All you have to do to help is to buy items from the My Fight store. The designs are really cool too:

And! If all that wasn't awesome enough, from now until January 1st, all their shirts are on sale for $7 off. And shipping is FREE. And this month a donor is doubling each purchase. Win-win-win! So buy one or two (or three) shirts to give as gifts this holiday season.

Random Acts of Kindness
While you're running around doing errands and whatnot, consider adding a random act of kindness into your day. Or make it into an advent-type activity where each day you and your family select a random act of kindness to do for others. I found this great printable list of easy and thoughtful things you can do for others from this the Lil' Light O Mine blog. 

Some of the things include: taping quarters to a vending machine with a note, handing out candy canes with a note, delivering cookies to firemen, and writing encouraging note on someone's sidewalk.


  1. Please post your once-a-month cooking adventures getting ready to stock your freezer for baby/family integration time. I would love to know what you are stocking your freezer with, mainly because I'm in charge of stocking Rachel's freezer since she's about 3 months away from delivering our 4th grandbaby.

  2. Yes please! It would be great to know what freezer meals you are doing and how to make them. It makes dinner time so much easier :)

  3. Yes! I'm due in March and would love to have a list of freezer meals!

  4. You know I wanna see those freezer meal recipes. And I love the idea of taping quarters to vending machines ... or parking meters.

  5. Please post freezer meal ideas, particuarly ones that could be thrown in a dutch oven or crock pot to cook. I want to stock up our freezer before our new arrival too!

  6. I'd love to see your list of freezer meals, too!


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