Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kitchen Tip: Declumping Sugar

So! You're ready to bake cookies and then discover that your brown sugar is hard and clumpy - dang it!

Sound familiar?

I used to get annoyed when that happened because those rock hard lumps of brown sugar often foiled my baking plans.

Here's how to nevery worry about clumpy sugar again!

The next time you get hard lumps of sugar, just slide a piece of bread into your sugar container and let it sit for a few hours, or overnight before removing the bread.Your sugar will magically become loose and lovely again!

I had no idea this worked until I visited my Grandmother in November and asked her why she had a piece of bread sitting in her sugar container. :)

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  1. My mom always did this trick. Funny thing--I stopped doing it when my MIL gave me one of those terra cotta bear things you get wet and put in with the brown sugar. But I started again when I realized the bread worked better :)


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