Monday, April 23, 2012

2 Favorites

This afternoon I'm taking a bit of time to do something that I work on every couple of months:

Journaling. Technically. I'm really not a journal person but I do have two of them.

Why? Well, because they're for my kiddos. Back when our oldest daughter was a toddler, I thought it would be fun to start journaling about all the fun little things she says, does, milestones, etc. I periodically write about that stuff as well as little mommy-love-notes to each of my girls, in their respective journals. The plan is to keep it a secret and keep writing in them until the girls move out of our house, at which point I'll give them their journal(s). 

I already love looking back on our big girl's toddler years and grinning about all the cute things that kiddo has done. 

This past weekend I made something fantastic: dairy-free nachos! I was so excited because nachos are one of my very favorite guilty food indulgences. Perhaps even more so than ice cream...

Since baby girl still can't handle dairy (at nearly four months old!) I needed to find a way to get my nacho cravings in. Badly. 

Here's what I did: threw some tortilla chips onto a plate, topped it with small dollops of guacamole (yum!), black beans, seasoned ground beef, and fresh homemade salsa (recipe here). 

I love love loved this! I think it might be a new favorite quick meal around here. I melted some cheese on the husband and big girl's nachos. You could also skip the beef and make it a completely vegan dish. 

Anyhow, I'm off to go soak up some sunshine. Hope you all have a completely glorious week! 

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