Friday, April 27, 2012

All-Natural Soccer (or anytime!) Snack

Our oldest daughter started playing soccer this year. She's not even five yet but she really wanted to play this year so we decided to give it a try. She's doing great - she loves running, skipping, hopping and spinning around the field. I love watching her play because you can see how very excited she is about it. 

It's such an adorable age for kiddos to do sports. Half the fun is encouraging them on and chuckling when they're too caught up in dribbling the ball to pay any attention to the fact that they're about to kick the ball into the wrong goal. $40 for six weeks worth of soccer cuteness? Best decision, ever. 

Lillian's team has a schedule for who brings oranges or juice or post-game treats. Last week it was our turn to bring the post-game treats and it took me a while to figure out what to make. I wanted to do something that was fairly healthy since their game ended at lunch time but also made the kiddos feel like they were getting a treat. 

So I hit up my local natural grocery store and made a trail-mix of sorts. It was super easy - all I did was open bags of sesame sticks, dried cranberries and yogurt pretzels, and give them a good toss. To keep it fun, I put the snack mix into little Spongebob plastic baggies. You could also add almonds to this to up the protein but I skipped it because I always avoid using nuts when serving a large group encase anyone has an allergy. 

I just feel like having to stab someone with an epi pen would put a bit of a damper on the festivities. 

Want to make some? We've been snacking on this all week - the salty crunchy sesame sticks are such a perfect partner to the sweet yogurt pretzels and tangy craisins. 

Natural Snack Mix

1/2 lb. yogurt pretzels
6 oz sesame sticks
3/4 cup craisins
1 cup almonds (optional)

It's simple, dump all the ingredients into a large bowl. Toss and store in an airtight container...or start munching immediately. 


  1. Thats cute shes in soccer, my oldest was in when she was younger for a couple of seasons, its fun for them. Good exercise, and its real cute since they are so young.

    1. Isn't it though? I love little kiddo sports games.

  2. Clearly you've never stabbed anyone with an epi pen. It's the height of funness.

    1. I hope that I never have to experience that much fun. Stabbing the dummy in CPR class was difficult enough.


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