Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lalaloopsy Birthday Party (with Free Printables!)

Ever since last Summer Lillian had been requesting that we do a "Justin Beaver" themed birthday party for her. She loves him. In fact, my husband's issue of Forbes came in the mail the other day and Lillian squealed when she saw it - Justin Bieber is on the cover. 

But then, back in April I managed to convince her that it would be way more fun to have a Lalaloopsy themed birthday party. Yesterday I shared with you the amazing frosting we used on the cupcakes and today I thought I would share a few more party details as well as give you a free PDF printable for Lalaloopsy cupcake toppers encase one of y'all wants to make some. 

My mother-in-law helped make a "Pin the Bow on the Lalaloopsy" game by drawing one of the dolls on a poster-board. 

I cut bows out of felt and stuck tape to the back of them. And found out my daughter doesn't believe in applying any strategy to determining where to put the bow. 

We also made a owl pinata. Which, considering my artistic skills, could have turned out a lot worse. 

We served my daughter's favorite kiddo foods. Including grape skewers. 

And made lollipop pb&j sandwiches. 

But the cupcakes were the best part. I had seen several kinds of Lalaloopsy cupcake toppers for sale on Etsy. But the more I looked at them, the more I realized I could easily make my own. So I did! After editing the images, I printed them, cut them out, and glued them onto a slightly larger circle of scrapbook paper. Then all you have to do is tape a lollipop stick on the back and you're good to go! 

I also used the images on the invitations. I just googled a image of the Lalaloopsy logo, inserted it into a Word document and dressed it up with more scrapbook paper make the invitations. Way better than paying someone on Etsy $25 for it all. 

If you want to use the images I edited, go ahead! Here's the link to the PDF. 

Or if you have a little kiddo in your life who loves to color, you can print these Lalaloopsy coloring pages for FREE! 


  1. M sure had fun. Too bad I wasn't invited. Sheesh. Maybe I'll make the guest list for next year's Justin Beaver party ...

    1. Oh if it was a Justin Bieber party I would have forced you to come. Surgery and all.

  2. My daughter will be 7 in November, and she wants a Lalaloopsy-themed party. Thank you for sharing the cupcake toppers. I will use them for sure. I live in the Philippines, and it is very hard to find party supplies for such a theme. I admire your creativity and resourcefulness.


  4. Thanks for sharing free printable they would be great with our Lalaloopsy Party http://www.specialbirthdaypartyideas.com/lalaloopsy-birthday-party/


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