Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reuse: Egg Cartons

We use quite a few eggs in our house. We all love them for breakfast and y'all know that I bake a bit more than I really should. As a result, we end up with quite a few egg cartons on our hands so I'm always trying to come up with ideas for getting a few more uses out of them since in most places you can't recycle them due to contamination issues (btw same goes for pizza boxes). 

One of the things I use them most often for is my daughter's painting projects. That girl loves to paint and I'm all about encouraging her because I think it's important to cultivate creativity in kiddos. And who knows, maybe she got some of her Grandmother's amazing art genes (click here to see some of her work). 

So we fill up the sections of the carton up with paint! It makes a fairly stable little artist palette for little hands.  

I like to leave a few sections open for her to mix her own colors, if the inspiration strikes. 

We "commissioned" this little 8x10" art from her (using cookies as payment, of course). I adore kiddo art because they aren't worried about rules or making it look realistic and it helps capture part of their growth and development into something you can cherish forever. <3 

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