Monday, May 21, 2012

Simply the Best Ever

Lillian turned five this past weekend. 

She suddenly seems so old. 

Five is old enough to ride a bike. 

Five is when you go to kindergarten. 

Five is old enough to make yourself breakfast.

Five is when you really establish who your BFF is.

Five is when you learn your home address and phone number. 

Five is when you learn how to read. But still enjoy being read to more. 

I remember being five. I was really independent, stubborn and completely in love with the Little House on the Prairie television series. Except for Ma. I always thought she was too helpless and whiny. 

I'm pretty sure she was this little just a few months ago. 


Last year on Lillian's birthday I finally tried a recipe I had been curious about for months. The "That's the Best Frosting I've Ever Had" recipe from Tasty Kitchen. I was skeptical. I don't like frosting. And how in the world could flour make frosting better? 

Well, I stand corrected. It is the hands-down-best-gosh-darn-it-amazing frosting ever. And I mean it. It's the perfect airy and light, but still creamy, texture. Not too buttery. Not too sweet. 

Just perfect. 

Last year I used it to frost a cake. This year I used it on cupcakes. It pipes beautifully too...making me look like I'm a far better cupcake decorator than I really am.

Click here for the original recipe. It makes enough to frost 24 cupcakes.

To make it chocolate, I just added cocoa powder at the end. I think I used about 1/8 cup for half of the frosting. Maybe a touch more. 

Like I said, I don't like frosting. I usually prefer to just eat cake plain and can't stand it when people ruin cookies or brownies with frosting. But this frosting? I may have eaten some of it with a spoon yesterday. 

I'm going to go shmear some on graham crackers for Lillian's afternoon snack. Because I'm a cool mom. But mostly because I want some now. 

Next time you have a birthday or other need for frosting, make The Best Frosting I've Ever Had.  


  1. Sold. I'll try it. :)IMO...frosting is the best part. I really could pass on the cake actually. (usually). :)

    1. We should go to parties together - I'll eat the cake and you can have all my frosting. :)

  2. How cute, little baby doll getting older! Ive had this frosing before, Im going to make it again soon, I will try your cocoa version on half. Thanks for posting!

    1. Are you making it for a special occasion? Like tomorrow being a Tuesday kind of special occasion? :)

  3. 5. Don't blink or she's gonna be married. But at least you'll have frosting for her cake.

    Oh, and I hope M makes the BFF list at 5 and at married age :)


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