Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer List

When my siblings and I were younger (including a few years ago when none of us had kiddos) we used to frequently tease our mom about her love of lists.

That lady had a list for everything. Lists for school (we were home schoolers), lists for the day's schedule, lists for cleaning each room of the house, lists for errands, lists for Bible studies, etc. One year I may have discovered that she decided to keep birthday gift ideas listed in her massive planner. I turned 10 that year. And did my best to act surprised when I opened that jewelry box. Sorry mom! 

Now that I have kiddos of my own, I'm starting to realize more and more how handy those lists can be. And the educator in me knows how much little children crave structure and seeing everything expected of them on a list.

So Lillian and I made a Summer 2012 list! Summers are usually crazy busy and mid-August usually arrives before we get half of our intended Summer fun in. So this year, we made a list of all the things we want to do. That way we have a constant visual reminder of it so we don't forget something. We can cross the items off as we do them and later look back at all the fun things we did.

She's so excited about it! 

And I color-coded it a bit. The floral ones are goals that are specifically Lillian's. The chevron ones are specific Summer dates the husband and I are going to do. The yellow are for family fun: hiking, Estes park trip, mini golf, spray park, Denver zoo, etc.  

I left some room for us to add more things as inspiration strikes. This morning I realized that I forgot to add Taste of Fort Collins! Although I'm not sure whether it's better as a date or a family event. Have any of y'all been to it and care to weigh in on that? Please?

I've seen similar lists on Pinterest that usually include things like "sidewalk chalk, bubbles, build sand castles, picnic..." I opted not to put those on our list because we do them so often. And while they're cutesy to put on there, I didn't feel the need to spend the extra time doing so. :)  

Do you make Summer lists? What are musts for you or your family every Summer? 


  1. We have a "family" bucket list--things we want to do before our kids are married--big stuff like see all the wonders of the world, go on a mission trip together, climb a mountain .... a summer bucket list is a good idea.

    But what the heck are "tie shoes"?

    1. Never mind. I bet you meant "how to tie your shoes."

    2. Yep! I just kept everything short and sweet because my printer was running low on ink. :)


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