Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sweet Hand-print Mother's Day Gift Idea

The downside to going on vacation is that it always takes me about 24 hours to adjust back to our normal routine when we get home. From adjusting back to our time zone to remembering all the things on our calendar, I inevitably end up forgetting something important. 

Like Mother's Day.

I just realized on Monday that Mother's Day is almost here! Yay! I've always loved this holiday. When I was a kiddo I would make my mom breakfast in bed and hunt through all her craft supplies to make her something. 

Which may have meant that one year I proudly painted and stenciled a wooden notepad holder for her - specifically matching the colors to the ones she used to decorate the kitchen. Which she enjoyed...until she discovered that I had left all the supplies I used to make it laying out and covered in dried paint. And I seem to remember there also being paint on the new carpet. 


I've had a little craft in mind that I've wanted to make for a couple weeks now but just finally got around to doing it last night. And as I was making it I realized that it would make a cute little homemade Mother's Day gift. So all you moms can go share a link to this post on your husband's facebook page. :) 

You'll need a 8x10 or 11x14 canvas, ink pad, and a package of letters and numbers from the scrapbook section of your craft store. FYI - I bought my supplies at Michael's and used a coupon so my total cost was under $10. 

I used a 11x14 canvas and it's a smidge big but I wanted to have a little extra space for any future children that may come our way. The 8x10 size is perfect though if you have 1 or 2 kiddos. 

Use the ink pad to coat your child's hand in ink and then help them carefully press their hand-print onto the canvas. I love Harper's smudgy little baby print. Sometimes it's better when things aren't perfect because it better represents how little they are. 

Then I just used my sewing ruler to help me line up the letters a bit. And pressed them down. 

Ta-da! It makes me smile every time I walk by it. And it's a sweet reminder of how precious every life is. 

To make this hold up even longer, you can cover it in a coat of modge podge. 

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