Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When you can't have pizza...

You may have noticed that there's been a serious lack of dairy in my recipes recently. Back in February I had to swear off dairy after realizing that our baby girl, Harper, has a sensitivity to the protein in dairy. If I have more than a small bite of anything with cheese, milk or cream in it, the poor little lady breaks out in hives all over her face and gets a tummy ache. 

Her pediatrician (who is seriously awesome) thinks Harper will outgrow the sensitivity when she's six months old. So less than two months to go! I'm already plotting what my first dairy indulgence will be - macaroni and cheese. Because that's the one thing I haven't found a decent substitute for.  

 Pizza is another cheese-laden food that I get serious cravings for. Gooey cheese is a hard thing to replicate with you can't have dairy. Don't even try to talk to me about soy cheese. I'm pretty sure whoever came up with that idea is crazy. Or maybe they're the same person who thought carob chips were a good substitute for chocolate...

But then finally one day my problems were solved! I stumbled across a recipe for Spicy Tomato Feta Dip.*    

Served up with bread sticks, french bread or foccacia, it gives the perfect combination of tomato-cheesy, pizza-like, goodness that I had been needing in my life. I've made it about three times now. I almost always have all the ingredients in my fridge or pantry so it's also a good option for a easy dinner; just throw together a salad or roast up some broccoli to go with it. 

Click here to go check out the recipe on Andrew Murray Vineyards' website. Even if you aren't dairy-free, you're going to love it.

*Feta is made with sheep's milk which has a different protein than cow's milk so it's a fantastic way to get a little cheese in when you can't have dairy. 

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