Monday, June 11, 2012

Date Night!

There's this adorable little restaurant in downtown Cheyenne - Morris House Bistro. It's only open for dinner Thursday-Saturday and, starting this week, for brunch on Sunday. One of the things I love about it, besides that it's a local restaurant in our town that's dominated by chain restaurants, is that the menu is seasonal so there's always something new to go back and try. 

And they specialize in "lowcountry" Southern-style cuisine. It makes my little Southern-raised heart so happy.

Khale and I just finally made it over there for dinner the other day. I can't believe it took us so long! But in all fairness, the few other times we've tried to go, they were already full for the night.

After eating there, we totally understand why! Khale had the ribeye, which was honestly the best steak either one of us has ever had. I'm glad he was willing to share a few bites. 

I had the house salad and smoked duck (both pictured in the Instagrams above). The house salad was greens, golden raisins, chevre and candied pistachios with a strawberry balsamic dressing. If they had a entree-size portion of that salad I would go back just for that. And the smoked duck was insane. In a good way. They serve it with a blueberry and blood orange reduction sauce that compliments the earthy smoky flavors perfectly. 

I think we need to start making it culturally acceptable in America to lick your plate at restaurants. Because I really wanted to that night.  

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