Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Not a Clean Person

I'm just not. I'm not one of those people who naturally keep things organized and tidy. I naturally want to throw the clothes I've worn into a pile on the floor. Next to the closet. Where the dirty laundry basket is waiting. 

However! I've been on a mission lately to do better about keeping the house clean. Previously I would do all our laundry on Monday and attempt to clean the entire house on Friday. That strategy worked really well the first few years that my husband and I were married because we lived in an apartment (800 sq feet doesn't take long to clean) and our building had a massive laundry room so I could do all of the laundry in two hours. 

Now that we have a three-bedroom home, two kiddos and two dogs, there's a bit more work to do. I would often end up frazzled by Friday evening because trying to clean an entire house in one day with two cute kiddos is...difficult... 

Then I found this awesome daily cleaning list on pinterest.  And it inspired me to make my own:

It's been a few weeks since I started doing it but honestly, my house is cleaner now on a day-to-day basis than it ever has been. Yesterday I was supposed to watch a friend's kiddos for a couple hours and completely forgot until about five minutes before they showed up (perhaps because she sent a text saying they were en route). Normally, I would have panicked and run through my house like a mad woman in a effort to make it look presentable. 

But guess what? Yesterday my house was clean! You know, with the exception of our big girl's room...because she's five.  

Having a list of things that need to be regularly cleaned written down so I only tackle those tasks on specific days helps me stay focused and not get overwhelmed. Some days the tasks are a bit more time consuming (Monday and Tuesday) but because I'm doing it on a regular basis, each day I only have to spend about 30 minutes actively cleaning. 

Which is really nice because, like I said, I'm not a natural cleaner. The faster I can get it done, the better! 

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