Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quick Bite: Mediterranean Hummus Sandwich

I'm a really lucky girl. Khale's office is a grand total of five minutes away from our house so we get to have lunch together most days. I love it. When you're a stay-at-home-mom, things can get a little monotonous (something about pretending to be Fairies of Pixie Hollow with a five-year-old for hours and hours) so getting to spend a little time connecting with the husband is always awesome. 

Except sometimes he has work lunches, meetings or has to be out of town on business. Gosh darn it. 

On those days where it's just me and the kiddos, I often tend to grab some hummus and veggies to make a quick lunch for Lillian and I. The kid won't touch a piece of watermelon but loves hummus. 

If I have whole wheat bagels on hand I'll usually make this mediterranean sandwich filled with freshly cucumber, tomato (so good this time of year!), purple onion, and either lettuce or sprouts or arugula:  

I start by toasting up a bagel. I find that if you don't toast the bagel that it can get a little soggy from the hummus and tomato. 

Then you just slather on some hummus and pile on your veggies. 

And dig in! I kind of want one right's a good thing I have all the ingredients in my fridge because I just might have to make that happen for lunch today. 

Since it's a really healthy sandwich, I think that means you get chocolate afterwards, right? Right. 

My mom sent me that plate along with others she thought would make my food look extra yummy in blog posts - thanks mom! Good find! :)   


  1. Why don't you try "Gosh Darn Good Food". It is so much more you.

  2. For the record, I love DAMN good food. Catchy without being too wordy. And I love how you are saving lunch one simple suggestion at a time.


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