Friday, June 1, 2012

Real Food Friday: Whole Wheat Flour vs Enriched White Flour

Introducing a new weekly feature! Real Food Friday is something I'm starting to help encourage myself, and others, to continue to eat healthier - let's work together to fix our modern diet of highly processed food! 

One of the fantastic benefits we have today with the ability to access seemingly unlimited information through technology is that people are able to quickly and easily learn about good nutrition. I keep hearing about more and more people who are abandoning their junk food and switching over to whole natural foods. Or what some refer to as "real food." I'm convinced that the pursuit of real food and healthy cooking is going to be my generation's iconic contribution to food history. Similar to how casseroles, microwaves and condensed soups are iconic symbols that transformed dinner time in our parent's generation. 

Today, let's talk whole grains, specifically when it comes to flour. Bread and pasta are something most people consume on a daily basis so making a healthy change in that part of our diet results in huge benefits. 

I used to wonder what the big deal was between whole wheat flour and enriched white flour. Then, I saw this chart from the Whole Grains Council

It amazed me. Enriching may add five nutrients back in after the refining process but it's still missing 13 essential nutrients that whole grain flour possesses. I'm still a little shocked at the difference. 

Now, I know that switching from white flour to whole wheat flour can be a huge challenge for some because the taste and texture are different. However! There is a solution! I've mentioned this before but honestly, try using white whole wheat flour. White wheat has the same nutrition that the standard red whole wheat (the dense brown flour that we're used to seeing) but it has a milder taste and texture making it a easier option for those wanting to use whole grains. I've used it in cakes, biscuits, and cookies (as well as bread) and it's worked beautifully every. single. time. 

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to using only whole wheat flour today! I know you can do it. And the best part? Whole grains have been shown to help people lose weight. Click here or here or here to find out more. 

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  1. When I did the King Soopers oder/deliver grocery thing I accidentally ordered white bread. My kids were totally freaked out. They don't like it. Winning


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